Data Cloud Summit '22

April 01, 2022

Listen to director of product management at Google Pranav Nambiar talk about why he is excited for Google Data Cloud Summit.

Video Transcript

What is Data Cloud Summit?

Hello everyone. My name is pronounced Pranav Nambiar. I'm a director of product management on Google Cloud. I'm really excited to invite all of you to the Data Cloud Summit this year Which is happening on April six in case you're dealing with any complicated data challenges or you're trying to identify new insights on how to manage your data better. But I'm just curious to figure out all the cool innovations that are happening in the field of ai ml or analytics or databases. The data. Cloud summit can pretty much be your one stop shop to get all of them and more.

What will we hear during Pranav's session?

more. I'm personally very excited to share with you that I'll be doing a session on digital transformation with Cloud Spanner. As many of you know, cloud spanner is our horizontally scalable relational database that offers you asset transactions and sequel capabilities at the scale and simplicity of non relational databases. Cloud spanner provides you industry leading five nines of availability S. L. A. Despite operating at billion plus requests per second, large number of customers out there utilized cloud spanner to handle their business critical data During the session. You'll hear one said story from Walmart that they will touch upon their digital transformation journey with cloud spanner moving from a diverse data landscape to a more unified cloud native solution to build best of great customer experiences for their shoppers worldwide. In addition to all this, I'll also be sharing some cool stuff that we're adding to cloud spanner which I'm sure is gonna excite many of you.

What excites you most about the future of cloud databases?

In today's world, Most of the companies are looking forward to some form of digital transformation to help elevate their overall customer experience. I've had the privilege to talk to a number of technology leaders from segments such as retail, financial services, gaming, healthcare or technology and during all these descriptions from the common trade that I've found is that all these companies are dealing with business critical data and they're looking at ways to innovate on their data management layer to derive more in such in the data and deliver differentiated customer experience as we are elevating our overall expectations around customer experience, there's a lot more being expected from the data management layer. Many companies have moved to fully managed services on the cloud to help with any of this. But still a lot of these pieces have been unresolved. For instance, companies don't want to deal with any kind of downtime for their transaction databases. Even if it is just for maintenance companies don't want to have to shut their databases manually to cater to their growing needs. Companies don't want to deal with hefty operational overhead to manage their data management services Instead they would rather want to prefer to focus on the areas but they can add more value which is specific to their customer experience. Frankly, google has had to deal with a number of these challenges too and we have had many years of innovation in trying to solve these problems with services such as cloud spanner or big table or big query or robotics ai the package a lot of these innovations for you so that you can utilize all these services to help elevate your overall product or service, customer experience in case you think all this resonates with you in some form or the other. I'm pretty sure the sessions that we're having at the Data cloud Summit are going to be very valuable to you. I therefore urge you all to go ahead and register for the Data Cloud Summit. You can do it right away if you want. I'm definitely looking forward to talking about all the cool stuff. We're coming your way at the Data Cloud Summit. Thank you.

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