Trevor Pyle - Above & Beyond Award 2021

September 08, 2021

Video Transcript

Speaker: Trevor Pyle

Trevor Pyle: Hi, my name is Trevor Pyle and I'm a Director of Product Marketing at Quantum Metric, which is the continuous product design platform.

What does this Product Marketing Award mean to you?

Trevor Pyle: You know, this award means a lot of different things to me, but for me it primarily signals that I'm just really fortunate, really fortunate to work at a place like Quantum Metric that has a supportive environment where the role of product marketing can really grow and really thrive. And any good product marketer knows that it's not a single person or a single team. It's a culmination of buy-in from everyone across the business and it's a culmination of all of the incredible work that all teams are doing. And at the end of the day, it really comes down to the fact that we have really, really great customers and were allowed to go and tell their story and talk about some of the incredible things that we're doing. So while I'm incredibly thankful for this award, it just really makes me think that I'm really fortunate to work in an environment like Quantum Metric that's very supportive of the type of work that we get to do.

Is there anyone you would like to thank?

Trevor Pyle: You know, in terms of thank you's, I could, I could go on for days, but I'll try to try to spare everyone, it starts with friends and family though, I'm actually, you know, if it looks like I'm sweaty and windswept, it's because I'm at the beach and we're with some family and friends and just really fortunate to, to have that time to be able to spend with them. And then secondarily definitely goes to the folks at Quantum Metric I already mentioned some of our executive leaders that give us the buy-in to do some of this incredible work. But definitely Efrat Ravid our CMO is somebody that you want in your corner and she's a true advocate for the power of brand. The power of product marketing. What it means to have a strong market position and Efrat is just one of those people who is always looking five years ahead, always pushing you to be your best, think what's next. And I just, I just love that about her. And then secondarily on the marketing team has to be Christine Tran. So Christine's our overall head of product marketing. She's the one who brought me on the team and she's just an absolutely incredible leader. She is the person that you'll always want again, um, you know, in your ring because Christine is always looking out for you. She's always seeing how you can elevate your career, how you can push further, pay greater attention to detail. We've created this really excellent high communication, feedback driven culture here at Quantum Metric and then it really is just everybody at Quantum Metric. If you're a good product marketer, you're working with salespeople, product managers, solutions engineers, customer success folks every single day. And we have that ability to collaborate with them and really work together to do some incredible product marketing work. And then, you know, last but not least it's our customers. So I talked with our customers all the time. They're always doing incredible things. And you know, it's really our job to tell their story and talk about the incredible things that they're doing. And without that product marketing gets a little bit hard. So the fact that we have incredible, incredible customers utilizing an incredible product built by our product team really makes me thankful to be a product marketer here at Quantum Metric. So thank you again so much for the award and looking forward to next year.

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