Sapphire Reels for Meet the presenter: Sales Enablement virtual workshop

May 12, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Sapphire Reels, Senior Director of Product Marketing, Pluralsight

Sapphire Reels: Hi, everyone. My name is Sapphire Reals. I'm Senior Director of Product Marketing at PluralSight I've spent much of my career honing my craft or on the core pillars of product marketing primarily in the enterprise B2B space. And today I also lead the teams that run our integrated market campaigns. While I love all things Product Marketing, sales enablement is definitely one of the good parts. It has a special place in my heart. It's what really helped catapult my career and find some initial success. So I'm really excited to talk to you about that in this workshop.

What is the Sales Enablement virtual workshop about?

Sapphire Reels: Far too often product marketers working on sales enablement initiatives are viewed as just asset producers. And while sales assets are a critical component of sales enablement, it's not everything it requires so much more context planning, strategy, program management and reporting. That's what truly will move the needle to help improve your sales organization's performance, to improve the perception of your brand and your products to the market and to customers and ultimately to help increase the influence your department has in the organization. This workshop is designed to give some air cover to why sales enablement requires more, how you can level or reset your strategy to focus on the right initiatives and understand what else you may need to be tackling.

How will the workshop be structured?

Sapphire Reels: This workshop will be structured around 3 1 hour sessions with me where there'll be a live workshop and also some Q+A included. We're going to look at a case study and then we're going to figure out how you can build your own sales program. Now, if you already have a program, no worries, you can still use these workshop assets to figure out how to build on top of your existing framework. After each session, you'll have some homework tasks to complete and then we'll all come back together for some peer as well as some feedback from me. In addition to this, you're also gonna get over two hours of relevant on demand content from the PMA and the SEC archives. That's including bonus footage such as fireside chats, podcasts and articles from leading sales enablement experts. And to stay connected to the folks you've worked with. You're also going to get a private workshop, alumni channel.

What will students walk away with during and after the workshop?

Sapphire Reels: By the end of this workshop, you're gonna be able to articulate the importance of sales enablement and sell internally. Do some discovery, figure out where to focus, build your charter and then communicate that charter. We'll also talk about building an asset library and how to iterate on these programs as well as what it looks like to develop a training plan and then enable on a sales enablement initiative at scale. Really looking forward to seeing everyone in November. Cheers.

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