Mercy Orangi for Developer Marketing Summit

July 12, 2022

Video Transcript

Speaker: Mercy Orangi

Mercy Orangi: Hello everyone. My name is Mercy Orangi. I'm a Developer Community Lead at Shopify and I'm super excited to be part of this year's developer community summit.

What will you be discussing at the upcoming Developer Marketing Summit?

Mercy Orangi: Developer communities are at the heart of what we do, and that is why it is so important for us to meet them where they are. So in this summit, I will be joining a panel where we'll be discussing building and engaging developer communities. How do we do that? How do we create an environment where we can add value to those communities? How do we, you know, get feedback from them so that we can show up much better and more intentionally for them? So that is what we'll be discussing, and I hope you'll be able to join us. Thank you.

What nugget of wisdom are you hoping to leave attendees with after your talk?

Mercy Orangi: If there's one thing I'm hoping to leave attendees with after this panel discussion is that building and engaging developer communities does not happen overnight, we have to be intentional about it. We have to take the time to learn our communities to understand where they are at that particular point in time. What do they need at that particular point in time? And how can we show up for them and add value for them at that point? So it takes a while. It takes a while. But trust me, it is very fulfilling at the end of the day.

Why do you think it is important to shine the light on developer marketing?

Mercy Orangi: I think it is important for us to shed the light on developer marketing because it's one of those areas that is always changing. What used to work two years ago and work really well in terms of building and engaging, developer communities, might not be working right now, and it needs us to always be in that cycle of unlearning, learning and relearning, which is important for us to continue shedding the light so that the industry as a whole can keep moving forward.

Which other sessions are you looking forward to watching at the Developer Marketing Summit?

Mercy Orangi: I'm honestly looking forward to a lot of sessions at this year's developer marketing summit. One of them is the session on developer marketing trends in 2022 that Gary Gonzales is going to lead. I'm just curious, especially with the pandemic to just see what has changed, you know, in terms of channels, tools where developers are hanging out, how do they engage with us and how do we engage with them? Just curious just around overall trends. Yeah.

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