Lisa Kant - Product Marketing Leader of the Year 2021

September 08, 2021

Video Transcript

Speaker: Lisa Kant

Lisa Kant: Hi everyone, I'm Lisa Kant and I'm the VP of Product Marketing at Zendesk.

What does this Product Marketing Award mean to you?

Lisa Kant: I am so incredibly humbled to have received this award primarily because it was nominated by my own team. You know, being a leader of product marketers is really not about the leader, him or herself, it's about the team under that person that you build, grow and empower to do amazing things. I have been so lucky in my tenure here at Zendesk to work with an amazing team of rockstar PMMs and so I am so excited to be sharing this award with all of them.

Is there anyone you would like to thank?

Lisa Kant: Of course there are so many people I would like to thank you know, I think first and foremost is my team, I mentioned this before, but they are just amazing and I'm so thankful to get to spend every day working with all of you. The second is my management, the folks that I report up into, thank you so much for supporting me, you in particular. I was given this last leadership role while I was out on maternity leave, which just shows how much Zendesk and these individual managers value diversity of executives and I cannot thank them enough for giving me the opportunity to be a, you know, high powered female exec while also having a young family. And then the third person I want to thank won't name her name, but she is my partner in crime, no longer at Zendesk, you know who you are, thank you so much for always being there to support me. We miss you.

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