Johanna Cohen: PMMC Core In-Person NYC

May 10, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Johanna Cohen, Senior Product Marketing Manager, Indigo Ag

Johanna Cohen: Hi, my name is Johanna Cohen. I'm a senior product marketer at Indigo AG, which is an agriculture tech unicorn. I work to help farmers implement regenerative farming practices on their operations. And then we sell carbon credits to corporations like JP Morgan, North Face, BCG who are helping to meet their carbon neutrality goals. I've been doing product marketing for over five years. Super excited to work with you guys on furthering your product marketing careers and can't wait to meet everyone.

What can attendees expect from your PMMC Core in-person cohort training?

Johanna Cohen: What will you learn in the core product marketing course with me? Lots of things, of course, we'll go through positioning, go-to-market, how different go to market teams operate. We'll go through sales enablement and how to work with different teams, whether it's operation, sales, how different teams function at different companies and how product marketing is the core is a core team that connects across the operation and across the company. Can't wait to help unravel the delight of product marketing and figure out what product marketing means to you.

How will this training help professionals improve their product marketing skills?

Johanna Cohen: I think one of the most interesting parts about being a product marketer is that no product marketing job is the same. Every company looks at product marketing in slightly different ways and it's your job as a product marketer to really own that function. Understand how am I gonna work between different teams? What does it mean to bring that product to go to market? What does it mean to work with? It could be, you know, working a lot with finance at one company, working with operations, a product marketer sits within so many different functions can be on so many different teams and being in this type of training, you really get to figure out what product marketing can be at your company and learn from others and bring those ideas and learnings into your own operation.

How is this in-person cohort different from other product marketing training?

Johanna Cohen: The product marketing alliance course is unique because it's made by product marketers, run by product marketers and specifically for product marketers. It's for people that want to build their career, continue their career, grow their career in product marketing, specifically in product marketing. That's what makes this course unique. And I can't wait to explore with you how you're going to continue to build your career in product marketing or start your career in product marketing. Let's dive in.

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