Holly Watson for Virtual workshops - Presenter introductions

October 17, 2022

Video Transcript

Speaker: Holly Watson, Sr. Product Marketing Manager, Amazon Web Services (AWS)

What is your workshop about?

Holly Watson: everyone feeling the strain of the go to market. Maybe it's your very first time leading the go to market strategy. Maybe you're looking for ways to improve or smooth out the process from end to end. Join me in this workshop as we dive into stakeholder responsibility processes that go to market that break it down into digestible chunks and milestones, as well as frameworks and templates that have really helped me through the process of bringing a successful product to market. My name is Holly Watson. I've had over 10 years of experience in the field and truly love talking and discussing. Go to market strategies. We'll dive into frameworks, templates and structure that you can apply to your next go to market. Sign up for this workshop today, I look forward to working with you.

How will the workshop be structured?

Holly Watson: in this workshop, we're gonna cover the whole process of setting up your go to market uh discussing and doling out responsibilities and creating those races as well as being able to scale your product marketing team. How do you look at your go to markets on a tiered structure and actually base those off of the impact to the market. We're going to get hands on with a with an example case we've got personas developed, we've got a full story developed and it's going to be up to you to really decide how to launch the product that we've got in this workshop. So get ready to be hands on just as much as we talked theoretical, I want to make sure that you guys have the takeaways you need but have actually been able to pressure test some of the theories that we're going to apply in this course, join us, it's going to be a lot of fun, hands on, get ready to roll up your sleeves and again, not only talk about the theoretical structure of go to market, but dive into stakeholder responsibilities, messaging, and positioning, competitive intel and where those particular parts really apply across the strategy. Looking forward to it. Again, sign up for this course and get ready to dive into the workshop. It's very hands on workshop

What sets this workshop apart from other courses?

Holly Watson: I think what sets us apart from other workshops or other courses that you've taken is that we're not just talking theoretical, we're not just explaining another template that you can try to use and go out with your organization. Product marketing changes from company to company. The approach of go to market changes from company to company. In this workshop we're gonna talk about some of those variables. We're going to apply the concepts to a true use case and to a to an example case that that is going to allow you to pressure test some of the theories that we put together. I think it's really important to be able to be agile as a product marketer, be agile in your product development um style and we're gonna talk about that in this workshop. So I want to be able to get hands on really discuss how you can leverage and work with your collaborators and your stakeholders across the organization. And again, put that to the test we're gonna get, we're gonna go so beyond just the textbooks theoretical will go beyond the templates um and truly apply them in this workshop will also talk about how you then can take these templates and roll them out to your organization to get buy in from your stakeholders. There's many people involved in to go to market strategy and we want to make sure it's most impactful for everybody. But sometimes that takes the leadership of the product and product marketing teams really coming together to lay out the clear path and the clear strategy. We're really gonna dive deep, I'm super excited about this workshop and excited to have you join us.

What will students walk away with during and after the workshop?

Holly Watson: with this workshop, you're gonna be able to take home with you some frameworks and new templates, Maybe a new approach to uh pulling in your stakeholders and and aligning them to this to this strategy, you'll be able to really apply that the day after uh this workshop. So I try to make it very tangible, very actionable for all those who are participating in the workshop. And of course we also got a real use case that you're going to dive into. So you're going to put some of the concepts to the test and really apply what you've learned in the workshop so that you can ask questions so that you can engage with the other members in the workshop and we actually all learn together. You're going to be able to also walk away with strategies and approaches that help you scale your product marketing team. If you're a team member of one, we'll talk about how you can advocate for more resources if you're a smaller team managing multiple different services and products across the platform. We'll talk about how you can scale your launches, really set those expectations across your stakeholders and still have a successful launch across adoption, driving new awareness and of course getting new users into your, your product onto your service. I'll also mention that we'll talk a little bit about the difference between A B two B use case versus the B two C use case and where you can change and and kind of modify your go to market approach. Again, very tangible, very actionable for all those that are attending. We want to make sure that the day after you could actually apply some of these concepts to launch, that maybe you're leaving now, and you're needing to just refine it that much more to make sure that you're bringing success to your organization and, of course, having a successful story for yourself.

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