Derek Osgood for Product Marketing Summit Austin

January 25, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Derek Osgood, Founder & CEO, Ignition

Derek Osgood: In my talk at PMA Austin, we're going to learn a whole bunch of stuff about launches. So, we're gonna talk about what happens when launches fail, we're gonna cover off on how the best companies think about launches, and why those companies have been able to turn them into competitive advantages. We're also gonna talk about why launches go off the rails and why they do end up failing. We're gonna cover off on how to ensure that your launches all go smoothly, and how do you operationalize that process and build it into a repeatable machine where you can continuously launch things, whether it's little feature releases or big product launches, and how you can make sure that all of the teams internally are alligned, how everybody is excited and motivated to promote that thing, and how to get that thing in to market successfully. We're also going to cover off on a few learnings from companies that I've worked at in the past, as well as learning companies that we work with over at Ignition, and you're gonna get some frameworks and tips that you can apply right away.

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