Anna Kovalenko for Meet the presenter: PMMC Core In-Person

May 11, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Anna Kovalenko, Senior Product Marketing Manager

Anna Kovalenko: Hi, my name is Anna. I'm an expert in residence here at Product Marketing Alliance and I am excited to be teaching the next product marketing core in-person course here in Chicago on June 7th and 8th. Over the last nine years, I've been working as a product manager and product marketing manager in organizations of various sizes and the multiple industries. So I will be bringing lots of my own personal insights, anecdotes and case studies into the industry-leading framework and practices that PMA has developed.

What can attendees expect from your Product Marketing Core in-person training?

Anna Kovalenko: What you can expect from the product marketing core in-person workshop is the industry leading tools, best practices and templates to cover all your day to day product marketing activities. In day one, we will start with research because, our research is foundational. We will help define who our ideal customer is, how to create personas and how to turn it into the winning positioning and messaging that resonates with the customer. We will also go over the narrative design and storytelling frame framework because humans think in stories, that's how we make sense of the world. In day two, we will start with the go to market strategies, how to turn everything that you've created in. so far how to turn it into the winning go to market plans. We will go over how to work successfully with various teams like sales and marketing and product customer success. because nothing is accomplished alone. We will also go over how to position how to set up our customer for success from the beginning with onboarding best practices and how to empower our sales team with the right knowledge, training and collateral so they can go in confidence and sell it.

How will this training help professionals improve their product marketing skills?

Anna Kovalenko: I've taken the same course back in 2019. And I have to be honest, joining the PMA community and getting certified were the best things I've done for my product marketing career because of our unique position in the company. PMMs often experience the need to educate their organizations on the value of the role and responsibilities of the product marketing team and having a solid framework, tried and tested technique and templates to cover all aspects of PMM day to day, makes the part of educating and bringing value to the organization that much easier.

How is this workshop different from other product marketing workshops?

Anna Kovalenko: The biggest gift I got from PMA and attending this course is this is really one of the most engaged communities you will ever come across. PMA's strive and passion for expanding industry knowledge, educating on best practices and the analyzing and sharing new market trends is simply a match to any other professional organizations.

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