Product Marketing Festival testimonials

June 14, 2021

Join us at the Product Marketing Festival. The number 1 product marketing event, from the number 1 product marketing community.

Video Transcript

Speakers: Sola Ogunsola. Erik Mansur.

Sola Ogunsola: My name is Sola Ogunsola and I am a Senior Product Marketing Manager at IBM

Erik Mansur: Hi I'm Erik Mansur, VP of Product Marketing for Crayon

Hi everyone, My name is Janine Jurji I'm the Senior Product Marketing Manager at Later, and I am super stoked

Erik Mansur: I've been involved with the PMA For close to seven years now, and the thing I loved most about it is the camaraderie. Building the community of product marketers and working and speaking with people who share a lot of my views and values about how to do product marketing. Right.

Gosh, the schedule is massive, and I do think there's something in there for everyone.

Sola Ogunsola: I must confess this is my first product marketing alliance event, and I'm really excited about the numerous sessions across the various topic areas, as well as just the opportunity to interact and network with my peers across many industries.

I am looking forward to the product marketing festival because for one I think product marketing as a role is so unique. and how the community is kind of being built around it and everyone's super supportive.

Erik Mansur: But if it's anything like the slack community, if it's anything like the great content, the PMA comes out with. If it's anything like the conversations that I have personally had with members of the P.M.A then, I know it's gonna be incredibly valuable for any product marketer to attend.

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