Sara Miteva for PMA Member Spotlight

November 02, 2022

Video Transcript

Speaker: Sara Miteva, Product Marketer, Passion.io

How does being a PMA member help you in your role?

Sara Miteva: Every time I'm facing a problem, I just enter my PMA Dashboard and I type in a few key words, and in 99% of the cases I get an answer. I get a dedicated video for this problem, and this has helped me acquire so many product marketing skills and it's um, it has solved so many problems for me, so I really appreciate my PMA Membership.

What’s one piece of advice you’d give to future PMMs?

Sara Miteva: well this is a tough one. Um but I'd say just do stuff, don't think only about the strategy and don't think about um delegating to other people because in the beginning you really need to do stuff yourself so that you know how all things work And research learn all the time. Um I'd say that that's like 90% of the job because you it's a very new position and we are, no one really knows what they're doing right. Um we're trying to search for resources all the time. We're trying to search for answers were googling on a daily basis. So don't stop that you you really need to do that and luckily you have the PMA So also sign up for pro membership. And one more thing that I'd say is really helpful is to sign up for the pro membership and then enter the mentorship program because if you're um newbie, having a mentor will mean so so much to you and having this means having someone to guide you throughout your journey of becoming A PMM. And that that will really mean so much and you get um a lot of support

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