Sam Woolf Advice for PMMs

January 13, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Sam Woolf, Product Marketing Manager, SEDNA Systems

Sam Woolf: My advice to future PMMs is get comfortable with asking questions that you think might sound silly to other people, but that oftentimes are the question that nobody else is brave enough to ask and that a lot of people, whether it's within your team or within your whole business, wish they could be asking but are afraid that because they don't occupy space as interdepartmental as PMM, their question wouldn't be relevant where we sit because we have such insight into all the different aspects of a business. It's kind of expected that we're the ones who are going to be the first to ask the important, clarifying questions, even if they might sometimes sound very simple. Our job is partly not just to educate ourselves on everything that's going on in the business, but also educate the business broadly about what everybody's up to and what we're all trying to achieve and how we can stay aligned.

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