Sam Miller for PMA Member Spotlight

November 02, 2022

Video Transcript

Speaker: Sam Miller, Product Marketing Manager, ServiceRocket, Inc.

What made you decide to become a PMA member?

Sam Miller: What maybe what made me decide to become a PMA member was the community that PMA actually brought? I went to my first PMA summit last october of this past october and it was so great being around so many of the product marketing managers. I learned a lot from the speakers about storytelling, about how to position yourself to work with sales enablement. I work with sales teams honestly, other than the people that I work with on a regular basis. This is the first opportunity for me to interact with other product marketing managers and it's definitely been worth it and I had fun.

How does being a PMA member help you in your role?

Sam Miller: PMA Has definitely been helping me in my role. I'm working on positioning right now and value proposition building and using some of the articles that PMA Actually put together. One of them specifically is value propositions that sell, written by Abdul arrest a guard has taught me a lot. It's definitely some good information in there and a nice framework. It helps you to think through creating a value proposition and then give great examples of what a bad one is and what a good one is. And I've been using that literally this past week, so this has been great so far.

What’s one piece of advice you’d give to future PMMs?

Sam Miller: One piece of advice I'd give to Future PMM. Use frameworks, use the PMA To learn structures and best practices and frameworks and how to actually execute and being a product marketing manager. It makes your life so much easier, uh and it's already been vetted already. Um great information from proven product marketing managers that you can rely on and that your boss will actually like. It makes you sound pretty smart.

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