Minesh Patel Advice for Future PMMs

January 13, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Minesh Patel, Senior Manager, Product Marketing, Vertex Inc

Minesh Patel: One piece of advice that I would give feature PMM is to be open and to open your mind to new concepts and new ways of learning. I feel like I can take away some product marketing concepts or some best practices or lessons learned from leading a simple advertisement to a more complex study that might have been published and everything that I look at from a day to day perspective, I'm always able to take away as a consumer. What's the value to me? And I would say that's the, keeping your mind open part. Always ask yourself when you're buying, you're buying something for yourself personally, for your family, whomever asked, what's the value, what am I getting as a consumer And you'll be able to back into some of the product marketing expertise that either product or marketing organization might have put behind that specific item.

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