David Royall for PMA Member Spotlight

November 02, 2022

Video Transcript

Speaker: David Royall, Associate PMM, Pushpay

What made you decide to become a PMA member?

David Royall: I decided to become a PMA member because my business, when I just started as a product marketer, actually had budget to make all of US members and to pay for that for us so that we can continue learning and improving our craft and so being able to access the community and learn through the different webinars and courses. And so that's been a really great benefit as a new PMM.

How does being a PMA member help you in your role?

David Royall: Being a PMA member has been really great in my role because I've been able to continue my learning by taking courses, uh, and get getting certifications, been able to connect with several other PMA Members on linkedin and on the slack community, um, and just being able to have access to templates and articles and resources and newsletters coming from the PMA

What’s one piece of advice you’d give to future PMMs?

David Royall: My biggest piece of advice to future PMS is to invest in your community, invest in the people and other departments you're gonna be working with, invest in the other PMS that you can learn from, uh, to invest in those relationships. It will pay dividends, you'll learn so much, you'll, you'll be a better teammate and figure out how to be the best for your business and for your own personal career growth.

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