Collette Johnson: PMMC Core In-Person Dublin

August 01, 2023

Video Transcript

Speakers: Collette Johnson, Product Marketing Consultant, Cambridge Product Marketing

Collette Johnson: Hello, everyone. So, I'm Collette Johnson and I am a product marketing consultant. I work with lots of organizations helping them with their product marketing. Throughout my career, I've worked from product marketing even in days before it was called that working with organizations, helping them with their product positioning, with their growth, with their pricing strategies. I've worked in B2B, B2B2C and also B2C. So I have a really wide range of product marketing experience.

What can attendees expect from your PMMC Core in-person cohort training?

Collette Johnson: One of the big things that you're gonna learn is real life examples. I bring lots of these to the table from my experience over my 20 years of product marketing and I really want to make sure that you can take those back to your workplace and implement them so you can be the most successful product marketer. You aim to be.

How will this training help professionals improve their product marketing skills?

Collette Johnson: The product marketing course certification helps all product marketers from VPs And we have many of those in our course to those starting their careers, it can help you understand the foundation of product marketing with up to the minute insights which we all bring as instructors and from the people that we know on the field. So to make sure that you can be the best leader in your team or the best contributor to your team. And that's what's really important about this course is that it teaches everybody something new about product marketing and we're always learning.

How is this training different from other product marketing courses?

Collette Johnson: My live and in person workshops are really exciting. We do lots of breakouts, we do lots of learning and you get to meet so many fantastic product marketers. The reason that the product marketing course certification from the PMA is so different to other workshops is it has the A to Z for a product marketer and it's a one-stop shop and it gives you the ability to learn the moment you start that course and go back to the workplace. So you'll be making tactical implementations from day one and building really good long term strategies.

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