Markiyan Matsekh at Product-Led Summit Amsterdam 2024

February 02, 2024

Video Transcript

Speaker: Markiyan Matsekh, Product Director, Deel, ex-Vimeo

Markiyan Matsekh: Hi, I'm Markiyan Matsekh, Product Director at Deel, before that vimeo, and before that it was my start-up and then many other things. I've been in this space for about 13 years.

Markiyan Matsekh: I'll be talking about how looking beyond product can 10x your growth. And what I mean by that is very often, the growth of your product is hidden outside the product. It's in collaboration, either with sales or customer success, or support, or many, many other teams. And there's so much in these relationships that are usually untapped. And I want to uncover some of the great success stories I've had in the past and what more you can do.

Markiyan Matsekh: The biggest challenge facing product teams today is obviously the market contraction and churn for any everybody's trying to save. So you need to be really the best in what you do. You need to be faster than the competitors. You also probably will have smaller teams to do it with. So you need to use resources very wisely. And again, it might not be just about building more things but about building bridges with other departments in your organization to either communicate your product better or teach your customers to on board better or use it better or get it adopted better. So there's many more ways to win and not just in product.

Markiyan Matsekh: By going to events like these, you learn things you don't expect to learn. Usually when you search for something, you know what you want to learn. And when you just talk to people randomly and mask around, it's the unknown unknowns that you start uncovering and the questions you didn't know you need to be asking.

Markiyan Matsekh: Always go back to your user's needs whenever lost or steered too far off. This is your guiding light. You can almost never drown if you're solving problems for your users, just make sure it also works for business. But that's the first number one tip I would say is stay with users.

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