Saswata Biswas for Product-Led Summit

August 18, 2022

Saswata Biswas sharing some insights on the Product-Led Summit San Francisco.

Video Transcript

Speaker: Saswata Biswas, Product Lead, Sunday

Saswata Biswas: Hello. Hi my name is Saswata. I come from India and I am the product lead of Sunday. We at Sunday we are building hyper casual games. These are kind of games that you can play while working on something casually or you know you're waiting for doctor appointment or something. And this industry is growing really fast and that's where I find my job really fascinating to understand what the players are looking for and how to implement process and correct product strategies so that we can continue building really nice games. I have more than seven years of experience in product management. And in the past I have also started my own company which was more of AI ML Product which helped users understand their size and fit when they're trying to buy clothes online. My experience ranges from building products in B2B Space in B2C Space be selling furniture online selling clothes online. But what I truly believe is that it doesn't matter what you're trying to sell. But what is important is to understand your customers, your users and give them the best possible ways to engage in your product. And the product will do good

What will you be discussing at the upcoming Product-Led Festival?

Saswata Biswas: So I will be part of a panel to discuss about the metrics that we should track to supercharge our growth. I believe that every company that has a product, they need to understand their growth, they need to understand what metrics to focus on and that's how they can come up with the strategies to build in the next quarters for themselves. Right. And that's really interesting because nowadays most of the companies, they have a very good process for product management or they have very good understanding of their users even but how to understand if the growth is substantial or not, if that is actually making a difference, are growing fast enough or not. And uh there can be many KPI s to look into, but my focus will be in this discussion to understand from the other panel members about their own experience and also provide my understanding, my own learnings in my career that how to figure out those KPI's and how we can actually track them and convert them into goals for growth.

What nugget of wisdom are you hoping to leave attendees with after your talk?

Saswata Biswas: I think the best part about this kind of panel discussion is that you have people from all over the world, from different sectors, different industries sitting together, building products that can improve the lives of millions of people out there and understand how they are implementing their processes, right? And I hope that the attendees, when they leave after our discussion, they will understand from our experiences that what works and what didn't work in the past, and with that they can kind of built an understanding that compares to their own industry, their own own product and think what they can do best for their customers.

Which other sessions are you looking forward to attending at the festival?

Saswata Biswas: to be honest, I'm looking forward to all these sessions. I went through the agenda , and I saw that the speakers are coming from so many different companies and different sectors, different kinds of products and the topics that they're talking about. Our discussion about are also from several different segments of product management. It is covering a wide range of aspects. And so for example, be product growth, product retention, someone is talking about building a product from 0 to 1 and I think these things are really interesting. You can learn these things from book, you can build something of your own and at the same time you can talk to other people and see like how they have done it. I'm also looking forward towards the, the networking sessions. I would love to grab a beer and talk to them one on one and learn from them and see what do they think about my experience and my learnings as well.

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