CPO Summit San Francisco

September 05, 2022

Video Transcript

Please introduce yourself.

Hi, I'm Denise Hemke and I'm the Chief Product officer at Checker. I'm excited to participate in the Defining and Measuring Success as a Product Leader at the CPO summit next week. I think being a Chief Product Officer or a product leader is a challenging job. You need to hire and retain the top talent. You need to drive accountability into your team. You've got to think strategically about where the business needs to go and you need to be able to execute like hell to produce results and get the business there and there's no perfect formula or playbook for success. And I think when people ask, hey, what's the leadership style that works best in this role? I think the reality of it is, it's the answer that we often hear in product. It depends. I think the best leaders are those that are adaptable. At Checker we like to talk about how great leaders need to have the ability to fly high and to fly low. Right leadership is often about keeping in the balance, the ands. So I'm excited to share more about my perspective with you next week and looking forward to hearing your perspective. So I hope you can join us there. Thanks bye.

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