Surbhi Gupta speaking at Product-Led Summit Las Vegas

May 15, 2023

Surbhi Gupta speaking at Product-Led Summit Las Vegas

Video Transcript

Speaker: Surbhi Gupta, Product Leader, Stride Inc. (ex - Meta, Tesla)

Surbhi Gupta: Hello, everyone. My name is Surbhi Gupta. I'm currently at Stride in Product Leadership. Really excited to see you all at Las Vegas.

What will you be discussing at the upcoming Product-Led Summit?

Surbhi Gupta: I'll be discussing the art of combining data and user research to create irresistible products that you can leverage to create better products for your customers, your organization and not only meet but exceed your goals. I'll be also covering some of the common pitfalls to look for when you are using data to create these products.

What do you think are the top three priorities for product managers should be?

Surbhi Gupta: Top three priorities, especially in this context would be number one, I would pick making friends with your customers. Number two, embracing chaos and number three, cultivating a sense of play. The reason I pick these three are when I say making friends with your customers, it's like you really need to understand your customers needs so that you can inform what you want to build and guide product development decisions around that. When I say chaos, it's like as A PM, you are the glue, you need to manage your own team and set the ex of an expectation so you can execute on product strategy. Finally, I would say you need to develop a culture where you can create a sense of curiosity and experimentation to the product development process so that you can truly innovate and build delightful products that stand out in the market.

What are you looking forward to most about attending the Product-Led summit Las Vegas?

Surbhi Gupta: I'm absolutely thrilled to be part of this event and looking to share my ideas and insights with the amazing community of product managers and leaders who are attending. One of the things I'm really looking forward is to get to know the other speakers and attendees. I'm personally a big believer of building relationships, making new friends and can't wait to connect with others who actually share my passion for product management. Finally, I'm also excited to learn from others at the event. I'm looking forward to the latest trends, tools, techniques and soak up as much wisdom as I can. So, yeah, looking forward to meet you all in Vegas. I hope with this day, whatever you do in Vegas stays there, but I hope this is gonna be different where we are gonna bring this knowledge back home to build some more cool interesting products. So see you.

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