Product-Led Summit SF - Stephanie Cantor

July 26, 2023

Product-Led Summit SF - Stephanie Cantor

Video Transcript

Speaker: Stephanie Cantor

Stephanie Cantor: Hi, I am Stephanie Cantor and I am the senior director of product at Flickr.

What will you be discussing Product-Led Summit San Francisco?

Stephanie Cantor: I am gonna be participating in this a really amazing panel that's about breaking down silos and driving customer satisfaction through breaking down silos between myself, a couple of product leaders and a couple of other customer success people in the industry and it's gonna be a really great discussion where we can all chat and talk about it. So, really exciting.

What nugget of wisdom are you hoping to leave attendees with?

Stephanie Cantor: I'm hoping to leave um everyone with the wisdom of you are stronger together. And collaboration is one of the key most important things especially as a product leader throughout my career. I could have done nothing by myself partnering and collaborating with everyone throughout the customer success industry, engineer and everyone throughout the entire product life cycle is pivotal throughout success. So that's something that I really hope to emphasize in this discussion that collaborating is the most important thing and you are stronger when you have people by your side to collaborate with.

What are you looking forward to getting out of attending the confrence?

Stephanie Cantor: I am really looking forward to meeting with other product leaders and getting able to connect with all of you. I really love attending conferences in the product space. I feel that I love representing other product or just like the product industry in general. I think it's a really great opportunity to put yourselves out there and represent this amazing uh industry that we are in. And I am looking to pick the brains of other other peers. And also to answer questions of people who are looking to potentially transition into this industry or who are in it and looking to um maybe get into tech or anything. So I'm hoping to hopefully get a couple of contacts for some people who would love to continue to connect and collaborate or some who would love some mentorship or anything. So I am really excited about this event and I'm really looking forward to connecting with you there.

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