Product-Led Summit Las Vegas

April 20, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Shubhansha Agrawal, Head of Product, Contributions & Community, Yelp

What will you be discussing at the upcoming Product-Led Summit Las Vegas?

Shubhansha Agrawal: At the upcoming Product-Led Summit at Las Vegas. I'm one of the panelists and we will be talking about how companies and product managers can use the data more effectively, whether that's quantitative qualitative or experiments.

What do you think the top three priorities should be for product managers?

Shubhansha Agrawal: So number one priority for product managers is definitely knowing your product and your user like the back of your hand, really understanding the whys behind the user behavior, any trends or patterns. The second priority is definitely making sure you're taking the time to validate your hypotheses whether that's through quantitative data, funneled, qualitative by user testing or launching A-B experiments. And third and the last priority is making sure all your hypotheses, assumptions and plans are coordinated all across different stakeholders and everyone is on the same page.

What are you looking forward to most about attending the Product-Led summit?

Shubhansha Agrawal: Really excited about the upcoming event as I'll get a chance to meet a lot of industry experts there and also share my own learnings as well.

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