Oji Udezue - CPO Summit San Francisco

August 25, 2022

Video Transcript

Speaker: Oji Udezue

Oji Udezue: Hi, my name is a Oji Udezue I live in Austin Texas and I'm a product guy. The last places I've worked at are twitter, count Lee and Atlassian.

What will you be discussing at the upcoming CPO Summit?

Oji Udezue: At the CPO summit, I'll be discussing how, what the differences are between a sales lead product organization, a sales led company and a product led company, and how to bridge the differences between them. I don't want to use the word transition, but how to bend the curve to towards being more of a product lead company on a sales lead company.

What do you think the top three priorities should be for CPOs right now?

Oji Udezue: The top three priorities of a CPO I really think that three main scorecards of a good CPO The first one is people. How do you create a sense of connection, community, a sense of excellence, sense of performance on your team, the people who bring innovation, who sort of give birth to innovation and service of your strategy. The second one is direction setting. How do you aim well, how do you pick the bets to invest in and frankly pick the things not to invest in? And then finally, I will say execution, execution is the coin of the realm. So how do you work with your partners in marketing, your partners in engineering to increase cadence to increase code making contact with customers? Those are the three things that should be your top priorities.

What are you looking forward to most about the CPO Summit?

Oji Udezue: At the CPO summit, I've been looking towards learning a ton, but also meeting amazing, brilliant people who are changing the world and trying to learn from them and trying to get to know them and so that um they can be part of my network.

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