Nikki Bown, Product Ops Summit San Francisco

September 08, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Nikki Bown, Product Operations Manager, Zapier

Nikki Bown: Hey there, I'm Nikki. I'm a product operations manager at Zapier.com And we're on a mission to make automation work for everyone. In that role, one of my special areas of focus is our voice of customer work.

Nikki Bown: In my talk, we're gonna dive into tactical ways that you can leverage AI and automation to elevate your voice to customer. We already know how important it is to be hearing from our customers on a regular basis. There's so many different ways that we can collect feedback and it can be really overwhelming to sift through it all to understand at a high level of what our customers are telling us. So AI and automation can really help here. So we're gonna look at things that you can do to implement right after you get home from the summit to help you capture your voice of customer data, triage it, share it out to the right folks in your organizations and they based off that feedback and finally close the loop with your users too. And we're gonna look at doing this all in a way that's accessible for no code folks.

Nikki Bown: One of the biggest challenges that product ops teams are facing today is having to iterate quickly when the technology landscape is changing so fast, we can't do all the work ourselves. We have to leverage the tools that we have available to us to do more quickly so that we can get the right products out to market faster. That's where automation comes in. If you are using automation to help you get some of the busy work off your plate, you can focus on enabling your product teams to ship new features out to your users more quickly. So that's gonna be one of the angles of our talk is allowing you to focus on what you're best at and allowing your product teams to focus on what they're best at.

Nikki Bown: Product ops can be lonely. Discipline. There's usually only a few of us in a given company. So I'm just looking forward to learning what other companies are doing. We can easily get trapped in our own ways of doing things, especially when you're a one or two person show. So personally, I'm really looking forward to getting that diversity of perspectives around how product ops can add the most value to their organizations.

Nikki Bown: My number one product ops tip is to never stop learning, use opportunities like the product op summit to grow your network and learn new ways of doing things, the more information you can collect from others, the more valuable you're gonna be to your own organization.

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