Eduardo Magalhães, Product Ops Summit San Francisco

September 08, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Eduardo Magalhães, Head Of Product Operations, RD Station

Eduardo Magalhães: Hello guys. Uh my name is Eduardo Magalhães. I'm from Brazil. I'm working at RD Station. RD station is a Brazilian company and it will be a pleasure to talk with you in Summit in San Francisco.

Eduardo Magalhães: We are going to talk about how we identify how product can contribute to leverage positive business results. So we will explore some methods and frameworks that we use at this very moment here at RD station. And how these methods help us to identify the leverage in our products that cause some impacts in the the business results.

Eduardo Magalhães: Our most important challenge here at RD Station about the product operations area. It's about how we can identify with a causality relationship, how our products, can contribute to the business indicators. It happens because there are lots of different teams inside the product area, the product department and outside the product department that are trying to impact the same indicator, the same metric. So we will explore uh some frameworks that we use to isolate the scenarios and using these tools, we can identify what are the initiatives that are contributing or causing positive effects in our business.

Eduardo Magalhães: In my opinion, events like Product Operations Summit create an opportunity for us to talk with product ops professionals around the world. And in these conversations, we can know how these companies and these professionals are solving the same problems that we need to deal with in, in our company in my example at RD station. So it's wonderful to exchange knowledge and learn more about other cultures and other ways to apply the product ops discipline in different companies.

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