Sandra Ma for Product Operations Summit New York

March 13, 2023

Hear from Sandra Ma, who will be speaking at the Product Operations Summit New York, March 14 & 15, 2023.

Video Transcript

Speaker: Sandra Ma, Director, Product Operations, Ocrolus

Please could you introduce yourself?

Sandra Ma: Hi, everyone. My name is Sandra Ma and I have been in product for the last decade or so. Most recently leading a product operations team at Ocrolus, a New York City based fintech startup.

What will you be discussing at the upcoming Product Operations Summit?

Sandra Ma: My session is all about effective communication and how that can drive faster product outcomes. Now, when you think about roles within product at their core, it's all about communication. Clear, simple messaging to help get everyone aligned moving in the same direction as quickly as possible. In this session, we'll go through common product scenarios that we've all been through and we can all relate to and we'll discuss ideal communication approaches.

What do you think the top three priorities should be for Product Ops professionals right now?

Sandra Ma: One of the top three priorities is priorities. As someone in product operations, you have to deeply understand what stage your organization is at now. What's working, what's not, what are going to be the most impactful things you can implement now to help drive more outcomes. The second priority is people, people are critical. As I mentioned, product touches every team and an organization in this role. We need to understand our teams, their needs and help best to bring everyone along for the ride. Lastly, the third priority is process. You have all these ideas and goals for improvements. Now, what, how are you actually going to execute and create standards and processes to get there in a way that doesn't hinder progress?

What are you looking forward to most about the Product Ops summit?

Sandra Ma: I'm really looking forward to learning from all of you listening and just being in person in the presence of this community. I'll see you all soon.

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