Julia Kastner, Chief Product Officer Summit New York

December 04, 2023

Hear from one of our speakers, Julia Kastner of Neuroflow, as she dives into her session at the Chief Product Officer Summit in New York.

Video Transcript

Speaker: Julia Kastner, Chief Product Officer, NeuroFlow

Please could you introduce yourself?

Julia Kastner: Hi, I'm Julia Kastner, the Chief Product officer at NeuroFlow, a mental health technology platform.

What will you be discussing at the upcoming Chief Product Officer Summit New York?

Julia Kastner: At the CPO summit in New York. I'll be talking about hiring and retaining great product teams.

What do you think the top three priorities should be for CPOs and product leaders right now?

Julia Kastner: When there are economic headwinds. Like at a time, like today, it's really important for the product teams to be extremely and ever more customer focused, getting to be really deep with customers and end users. And part of that is because it's easier to grow existing customers in this type of economic environment than to bring on new ones. So it's really important for product teams to be spending lots of time with their customers to have a really clean and efficient way to uh to gather insights from their customers and support all of the requests that customers have and balance those with big innovation road maps. So that's what I I'm focused on today and, and my team is really excited to be ever more customer focused.

What are you looking forward to most about the Chief Product Officer Summit New York?

Julia Kastner: I'm so excited for the CPO summit in New York to be able to meet other folks who are thinking about the same product related challenges. Products are really fun but also a challenging spot within an organization where we're focused really heavily on, on the business challenge and integrating ourselves into sales and marketing and CS worlds. But also then diving deep into the technology side and bridging that. And it's always fun to hear how other leaders are managing the, the tradeoffs and challenges that come with that role.

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