Greg Bayer at Product Operations Summit New York

March 06, 2023

Join Greg and other fantastic product ops experts on March 14 & 15, at the Product Operations Summit New York. ?

Video Transcript

Speaker: Greg Bayer, Head of Product Operations, previously at Thomson Reuters

What will you be discussing at the upcoming Product Operations Summit?

Greg Bayer: Hello My name is Greg Bayer.

Greg Bayer: I'm looking forward to discussing at this upcoming product operations summit. How my product operations team at Thomson Reuters enabled successful product teams and I gave them the space to iterate and create great things.

What do you think the top three priorities should be for Product Ops professionals right now?

Greg Bayer: What should be the top three priorities for product operations professionals right now? Well, I'd say first, make sure you're partnering with the product teams to help them create strong vision statements and one year goals. Nothing can happen if the teams don't really have precise and measurable outcomes they're chasing for the year. Second, I would say, help the teams prioritize and create enough time for proper discovery and testing. Don't go right into the features, help the teams pull back and and do more thinking. And finally, I would say, make sure there is the right balance and partnership across the cross-functional product teams help ensure these teams can be independent, they can be autonomous and they can go fast.

What are you looking forward to most about the Product Ops summit?

Greg Bayer: What am I looking forward to most at the upcoming product ops summit? I would say it would be just meeting people, networking with people, hearing stories of other product operations professionals, in different industries, in different verticals. I haven't been to one like this yet. It's a small growing function, so very excited for it.

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