Barış Ermut speaker at Product Operations Festival

April 28, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Barış Ermut, Product Manager, Innential

Barış Ermut: Hi, everyone. I'm Barış and I am from Turkey.

Barış Ermut: Currently, I'm working as a Product Manager at Innential. Hope to see you around.

Barış Ermut: Product Operations Festival. I'll be talking about kickstarting your product operations from ground zero. I'll be explaining how to understand the need, building the team, kick-starting the product operations, importance of cross-functional collaboration and communication and most importantly, measuring the success.

What are the top three priorities for Product Ops professionals right now?

Barış Ermut: Top three priorities for a product ops person should be focusing on communication, listening your team and the stakeholders and work out with data.

What are you looking forward to most about the Product Ops festival?

Barış Ermut: I'm most likely looking to learn more about different aspects of product operations because you might know that every single team and every single company has different product operations functionality. So let's learn more.

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