Clare Bridget Dussman for Product-Led Summit

August 18, 2022

Clare Bridget Dussman for Product-Led Summit

Video Transcript

Speaker: Clare Bridget Dussman, Product Lead, Customer Engagement, United Airlines

Clare Bridget Dussman: Hi I'm Clare Dussman, The Product Lead for customer engagement at United Airlines, where we make user friendly software for the friendly skies.

What will you be discussing at the upcoming Product-Led Festival?

Clare Bridget Dussman: I'll be at the festival discussing the differences in product roles at startups versus big companies. From my experience, there's aspects that you'll love about both and aspects you long for, but you'll leave our fireside chat with helpful tips and tricks, no matter what role you're in today or which one you want tomorrow.

What nugget of wisdom are you hoping to leave attendees with after your session?

Clare Bridget Dussman: One piece of wisdom that I've taken with me in lots of different roles at lots of different companies is to make sure that you make your job fun, not just for you, but also for people on your team. There's a lot of responsibility put on product managers today, and I'm not trying to add another. But the reality is if you don't make it fun, that stress bleeds out into your team and into your product as well.

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