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May 10, 2023

Testimonials from our PLP'ers across Northern California

Video Transcript

Speakers: Dr. Eryn Xavier, Family Med / Vacaville. Dr. Maya Shaw, Family Med / Berkeley. Dr. Sheila Chang, Internal Med / Milpitas. Dr. Alice-Gray Lewis, Family Med / Santa Rosa. Dr. Kara Durand, Internal Med / Oakland. Dr. Carmen Baxter, OBGYN / Vacaville. Dr. James Khu, Ophtho / Milpitas. Dr. Rajiv Misquitta, Internal Med / South Sac. Dr. Fang Lan, Internal Med / Antioch. Dr. Aida Sadikovic , Internal Med / Walnut Creek. Dr. Meme Wu, Internal Med / Santa Clara

Dr. Maya Shaw: It has just been a profound improvement. My notes are getting done faster but they're also just better and my care is better.

Dr. Eryn Xavier: The reasons I love PLP that it provides more continuity. It's faster. It's more efficient, allows me to get my charts closed on time. It is a WIN for me. It's a WIN for patients. It is the most amazing thing all around, and I couldn't imagine practicing any other way!

Dr. Sheila Chang: I love how PLP has simplified and organized. my charting. Charting by problems is more methodical and it's easier than charting by symptoms.

Dr. Alice-Gray Lewis: It's not just about the time, it's also about like the organization of the chart. That has really helped me quite a bit.

Dr. Rajiv Misquitta: So I was actually very pleasantly surprised. I think this is a great tool and I look forward to it's helping me in my practice and with my patients.

Dr. Fang Lan: The first thing I noticed after I apply PLP Is I'm closing the chart after every single patient visit!

Dr. Kara Durand: My most complex patients, The ones that come in with 10 problems and a whole year's worth of chronic conditions to address, are no longer patients I dread. I get to look forward to seeing these patients that I've known for a decade or more.

Dr. Meme Wu: It makes it easy to review a patient's chart. I could easily find what I've written about the patient previously.

Dr. James Khu: It allows me to collect patient information in a clear way that makes me a better doctor when I see the patient. Second: is that it saves me time. I get about an hour extra a day since I've been using it. So it's just a gift of time. It's been enormous.

Dr. Maya Shaw: I understand my patients problems better, my notes are better and they are done faster.

Dr. Sheila Chang: It's making me think like a diagnostician again and it's making me enjoy medicine.

Dr. Eryn Xavier: Everything is more up to date, everything is more concise. Everything is right where it needs to be so I can provide better patient care about the same time close my charts in a timely manner, which has completely changed everything.

Dr. Carmen Baxter: And it's made a big difference in my the time commitment for documentation but also my experience with my patients. My MPS scores went up and I'm getting through my charting and my day a little bit faster and with less stress. So it has made a difference in my JAMM. So I am a big fan!

Dr. Aida Sadikovic : It allows me to spend more time with my patients and to be a better doctor.

Dr. James Khu: I have two young kids and those are precious times to go home early and spend time with my family.

Dr. Kara Durand: I am a happier, more thorough, more fulfilled and less clerically-burdened doctor. I've said before to my colleagues, I feel like I have a superpower now, and I couldn't be more grateful.

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