Problem List Pro Short

August 28, 2022

Testimonials from our PLP'ers across Northern California

Video Transcript

Speakers: Dr. Amy Davis, Family Med / Vacaville. Dr. Eryn Xavier, Family Med / Vacaville. Dr. Maya Shaw, Family Med / Berkeley. Dr. Sheila Chang, Internal Med / Milpitas. Dr. Laure Lee, Internal Medicine / Davis. Dr. Kisha Hughes, Internal Med / Santa Rosa. Dr. Alice-Gray Lewis, Family Med / Santa Rosa. Dr. Kara Durand, Internal Med / Oakland. Dr. Chitra Vijayaraghavan, Family Med / Santa Clara. Dr. Carmen Baxter, OBGYN / Vacaville. Dr. James Khu, Ophtho / Milpitas. Dr. Rajiv Misquitta, Internal Med / South Sac. Dr. Sarah Russell, Family Med / Napa. Dr. Fang Lan, Internal Med / Antioch. Dr. Aida Sadikovic , Internal Med / Walnut Creek. Dr. Meme Wu, Internal Med / Santa Clara

What do you like most about PLP?

Dr. Eryn Xavier: The reasons I love PLP that it provides more continuity. It's faster. It's more efficient, allows me to get my charts closed on time. It is a WIN for me. It's a WIN for patients. It is the most amazing thing all around, and I couldn't imagine practicing any other way!

Dr. Maya Shaw: It has just been a profound improvement. My notes are getting done faster but they're also just better and my care is better.

Dr. Laure Lee: the patient said. I think overall using the problem list is far superior than searching each individual note.

Dr. Sheila Chang: I love how PLP has simplified and organized. my charting. Charting by problems is more methodical and it's easier than charting by symptoms.

Dr. Sarah Russell: It really just, I think makes me a better provider for my patients, more thorough and even better than that, I get my charts done really quickly, usually just as I exit the room, the note is done so I love it!

Dr. Alice-Gray Lewis: It's not just about the time, it's also about like the organization of the chart. That has really helped me quite a bit.

Dr. Amy Davis: My favorite thing about Problem List Pro is that everything is in one spot and it's easy to access.

Dr. Rajiv Misquitta: So I was actually very pleasantly surprised. I think this is a great tool and I look forward to it's helping me in my practice and with my patients.

Dr. Kisha Hughes: When I see the patient again, everything's already organized and it's a quick look and a quick review of what we talked about last time.

Dr. Fang Lan: The first thing I noticed after I apply PLP Is I'm closing the chart after every single patient visit maybe 90% from

Dr. Kara Durand: My most complex patients, The ones that come in with 10 problems and a whole year's worth of chronic conditions to address, are no longer patients I dread. I get to look forward to seeing these patients that I've known for a decade or more and really feel like I was present for the visit.

Dr. Meme Wu: It makes it easy to review a patient's chart. I could easily find what I've written about the patient previously.

Dr. James Khu: It allows me to collect patient information in a clear way that makes me a better doctor when I see the patient. Second: is that it saves me time. I get about an hour extra a day since I've been using it. So it's just a gift of time. It's been enormous.

How do you think our awesome specialists could benefit?

Dr. Maya Shaw: One I think that it's going to help them understand how we've been working specific problems and sort of the evolution of these problems. That will make it much easier for them to understand why we are involving them.

Dr. Eryn Xavier: and it provides really clear continuity between specialists and primary care.

Dr. Rajiv Misquitta: it will also help our sub specialists because it could keep the information that they have garnered on the patient of what the important things we need to know in one place.

Dr. Kara Durand: Everyone would be on the same page. at a click.

Dr. Aida Sadikovic : We can update the problem list as they perform their magic and do their part to take care of our our patients and sort of communicating with us through the problem list would really be a fantastic way for us to actually advance how we provide care to the patients.

Dr. Chitra Vijayaraghavan: it would be one place to look up for primary care physician and specialists and care coordination as well. So I think it's going to benefit all of us.

Dr. Meme Wu: So I work a lot with our specialists in improving our care coordination for our patients. I really do think that because it's easier for me to review a patient, especially very complex patient's chart. This will benefit our specialists in reviewing a complex patients chart as well, especially relevant to the problem at hand.

Dr. James Khu: As a specialist, understanding the Problem List Pro system, it makes it much easier to figure out what's going on with the patients that are outside of my specialty.

How has PLP changed your life/practice?

Dr. Maya Shaw: I understand my patients problems better, my notes are better and they are done faster.

Dr. Sheila Chang: It's making me think like a diagnostician again and it's making me enjoy medicine. So I think that it's very worthwhile

Dr. Eryn Xavier: Everything is more up to date, everything is more concise. Everything is right where it needs to be so I can provide better patient care about the same time close my charts in a timely manner, which has completely changed everything.

Dr. Carmen Baxter: And it's made a big difference in my the time commitment for documentation but also my experience with my patients. My MPS scores went up and I'm getting through my charting and my day a little bit faster and with less stress. So it has made a difference in my JAMM. So I am a big fan!

Dr. Kisha Hughes: PLP has changed my life, I feel less burdened when I go home.

Dr. Aida Sadikovic : It allows me to spend more time with my patients and to be a better doctor.

Dr. James Khu: I have two young kids and those are precious times to go home early and spend time with my family.

Dr. Kara Durand: And I am a happier, more thorough, more fulfilled and less clerically-burdened doctor. I've said before to my colleagues, I feel like I have a superpower now, and I couldn't be more grateful.

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