Jennifer's Testimonial Video for Priscille's Pens & Scribbles

September 11, 2023

Jennifer L. Gatewood is a writer represented by Lori Galvin at Aevitas Creative Management. She booked a 1:1 consultation with Priscille to learn more about social media for her author brand.

Video Transcript

Speaker: Jennifer L. Gatewood, Writer

What was the main challenge you needed to overcome when you hired Priscille's Pens & Scribbles?

Jennifer L. Gatewood: My main challenge that I needed to overcome and the reason for me for coming to Priscille was because I had created all these social media platforms for my profession. I am a writer, and I wanted to reach individuals who would be interested in reading my novels. I knew this much, but that was pretty much all I knew. So, I scheduled a one on one consultation and tutorial session with Priscille. And during this time, we talked about all things branding and content creation. There was a lot I didn't know. And I knew this, I knew what I didn't know and I appreciated that Priscille was able to come to this conversation armed with questions to help me get to that point where I could reach an understanding of these platforms that I was using.

Could you describe a time that Priscille's Pens & Scribbles helped you, including anything that stood out about the service you purchased?

Jennifer L. Gatewood: Priscille certainly helped me understand a little better about the social media platforms that I was using, particularly around branding. She definitely has a, a great industry knowledge and a good eye of how to brand yourself personally.

What has been the most significant impact of working with Priscille's Pens & Scribbles?

Jennifer L. Gatewood: The most significant impact of working with Priscille is that I now have a better understanding on how to use my social media platforms. I still have ways to go but I now know where I can be, where I can get to in the future with them.

How would you describe Priscille's Pens & Scribbles in three words?

Jennifer L. Gatewood: The three words I would use to describe Priscille is knowledgeable, professional and friendly.

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