Keiko Mukai for Priscilla Little Co. Video Testimonials

March 15, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Keiko Mukai

What was it like to receive a consultation and reiki session from Priscilla? How was it unique from other healing experiences?

Keiko Mukai: Hi, I'm Keiko. I have taken several um personal and distance rescue session from Priscilla. She has an authentic, vibrant, calm energy that allows me to feel safe and supported our warm and caring. Ricky energy makes me feel aligned and grounded. She's also a well organized active listener. She's good at analyzing what I need to work on that week and it provides me with a summary firm after the intake session that I can go over. I always feel safe and supported during and after her session, I highly recommend precede as Ricky and as you work. Thank you.

How did you feel after your reiki session? How did your session help you achieve your mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual goals?

Keiko Mukai: I felt definitely relaxed and grounded and also I felt like I'm in the right place and we'll be ready for the New Day and New Week.

Would you recommend Priscilla's reiki to friends and loved ones? Why? & Are you happy with your overall experience?

Keiko Mukai: Absolutely. I highly recommend Pristina's Reiki session to my friends and family. If I have anyone I know who needs help, I would definitely recommend her in Florida.

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