Bryan C. for Priscilla Little Co. Video Testimonials

March 12, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Bryan C.

What was it like to receive a consultation and reiki session from Priscilla? How was it unique from other healing experiences?

Bryan C.: My Reiki session with Priscilla was amazing. I'm so grateful for her attentiveness and her openness to listen to some of the things I'm going through and to really help me out appreciate her covering all the bases. Um, asking me about any physical, mental, emotional or even spiritual things I wanted to focus on um and setting that intention really helped me kind of have a focus for this session. So that's something that I was super grateful for. Um, so I definitely recommend having a Reiki session with Priscilla.

How did you feel after your reiki session? How did your session help you achieve your mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual goals?

Bryan C.: After my reiki session with Priscilla, I noticed I felt very calm. My mind felt very spacious, especially as an over thinker and kind of an anxious person. I noticed I felt definitely, I noticed some tension in certain areas of my body, but I noticed that kind of went away mentally. I felt very clearheaded physically. I felt like well arrested and energized the next day. Um, it was kind of a good pick me up from the long week I had before.

Would you recommend Priscilla's reiki to friends and loved ones? Why? & Are you happy with your overall experience?

Bryan C.: I would highly recommend a Reiki session with Priscilla. She's able to create such a safe space for me to feel comfortable, which I think is super important. That helped me kind of open up and to receive Ricky better, so I'm definitely grateful for that.

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