Tenerra's Unboxing Video

February 08, 2024

Video Transcript

Hello! Please tell us about your experience working with us.

I have a special announcement today! I received a special delivery from Printing Center USA showcasing my Amazing Author Catalog and yes, the final copies look just as amazing as the proofs. Thank you Printing Center USA for doing such an amazing job. Guys! They are the same company that I use for my coloring book and the customer service and quality, It's been unmatched. I'm so glad I chose to go to go with Printing Center USA so check out the color, the font just jumps off the page. And do you see that Scissor Line? There for families to be able to easily cut out their order forms. It looks amazing! So the Amazing Author catalog is coming to a school, a childcare center, a family based organization, or a YMCA near you! Look out for us!

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