Summer's Coloring Book Unboxing & Review

February 08, 2024

Video Transcript

Hello! Please tell us about your experience working with us.

Hello, I'm Summer Elizabeth. I have created four coloring books and I have chosen Printing Center USA to print them for me. The reason I chose this is because not only are the prices really good, but the customer service is excellent. The soft lamination, the printing quality turnover time, easy access, the website is easy to navigate. So it's been such an awesome experience for me. So I have the fourth book that just came in the mail today. So I am going to unbox it with you. So exciting! This is incredible and I love the way that they package them too. This is like in nifty little bundles and it really makes it easy to bring to stores or to ship out. So here's what the book looks like on the inside. I have chosen 100# cover with the soft touch lamination, 70# uncoated text, black ink. As you can see, you don't see the image on the other side. It's good for crayon, marker, or colored pencils. This is the saddle stitch as you can see because it opens up a little bit easier. But I have chosen the perfect binding for some of my smaller books, so there's no staples in that one. Here are my three Florida themed coloring books and I couldn't have done it without Printing Center USA! Thank you guys so much!

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