O'Neil Salmon for PrintingCenterUSA Video Testimonials

February 20, 2024

Video Transcript

Speaker: ONeil Salmon, The City Of Restoration

Hello! Please introduce yourself and tell us a little bit about your business

ONeil Salmon: Hello, this is Doctor O'neil Salmon of The City of Restoration, a church, right here in the Tampa Bay area, that is in Florida. And this is our second time using Printing Center USA. The 1st and 2nd time in use and such. It's been phenomenal. Their services are amazing. First of all, I got to tell you, the quality of the end product is phenomenal. We produce some handbooks that we are giving to those that have given their life to Christ and they were the producers of such. I'm so grateful that the ability to really put the book in the proper format was available to us through their platform as well as of course, the end product being produced by them. So as per the quality, it's phenomenal, the delivery also exceptional in turn, I can't recall the projected time frame that was extended to us, but I can say that on both orders, that of the past and that which was most recent for us, we received it well within the time expected. And I'm grateful for that. There's nothing like having gone through the work to produce what it is that you are wanting to share and then of course, going through the due diligence of putting in the order and getting an extended projected time for delivery. And it's far beyond that. It was certainly not the case here. We received it well, within the time, I would say surprisingly early as well, but again, grateful that this will definitely not be our last occasion using their services. And so with that being said, I'm sure, we'll be ordering again soon from them. As far as everything else goes, the ease of use on their platform. It goes without saying it's a standard. but it is not. it's definitely user friendly, it is not difficult at all. So, one other plus on that, I'll give them a four out of five. you know, they, you know, I'm only doing that partly because I think for the five, you know, just for that fifth star, you've got to really blow it out of the box, but I would say they're close to it if not on par again. Thank you so much Printing Center USA I'm so grateful for you. Looking forward to working with you again.

What inspires you and what continues to fuel your passion?

ONeil Salmon: Oh, what inspires me? That's a good question. As a lead pastor here in the Tampa Bay area and have been pastoring for 18 years now, to see others lives impacted by the gospel is been just really my fuel. It's been my motivation and I'm grateful amen to be able to be a part of that. Also, what keeps me going is family. I'm a father of two boys and they're now grown men. And so they are on their way to be independent from us fully. Having said that my wife and I my wife of 25 years and I have been just really grateful for the ability and the opportunity to not just pastor a church to whom we call family as well, but to have two boys in which we can share our life, our testimonies and our experiences as we know it. What inspires me is the word of God and certainly the testimonies and experiences of others as well. So, thank you so much.

Can you share an innovative or successful marketing idea you implemented that worked?

ONeil Salmon: Innovative or successful market idea. You've implemented at works well As per lead in a church. One of the things that we realize in part is vital is the access to information. And so for us using technology in the most resourceful way is essential, We utilize text messages on a weekly basis as well as a that of our social media platforms. What's been advantageous to us is the implement of QR codes throughout our space and in and amongst many of our interactions. So we might drop it on a leaflet, a pamphlet, a postcard, even of late a business card or two. So, that of our congregation can not only become better acquainted with the use of it, but of course, know in turn that it provides a direct access to whatever we're pointing it to. So it's just been vital. It's been very essential rather throughout and in respect to that of the traditional sort of means to advertise. Yeah, we're given to doing, you know, as I mentioned before, postcards, leaflets and such, but we've also accommodated banners and billboards of recent and that's been phenomenal as well. It's aided in us recruiting and reaching our community, about 80% of our guests presently come by reason of one or one of those means. And I'm so grateful that we have access to such. So as far as innovation goes, it's the way in which we're utilizing it more than just being new about it all is again just using it because it's now available.

How has using PrintingCenterUSA contributed to your business, and which print product is most successful for you?

ONeil Salmon: So how has Printing Center USA contributed to our business? And which product is most successful for us? It would be the booklets. We started as a ministry here. I mean, the lead pastor of the church suggested that we coral a group and in that group decide how best to reach those that were new believers in Christ. And so from that consortium, they came about wanting to create a booklet. And so that booklet is being produced by Printing Center USA. We afford that to anyone converting anyone that has, in other words, chosen Christ. We give them that booklet and you guys make a phenomenal job out of that book. I mean, not only do you provide a platform in order to construct it but also the means to producing it? And the quality of the work is just phenomenal. So as I said earlier, in one of our questions being asked, it really helps us in a phenomenal way. Many have complimented it because of the durability and quality of the book. So that's to be commended as well. Just want to say thank you again, Printing Center USA.

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