Self-Published Author Kayla Bohnhorst Shares Her Experience with PrintingCenterUSA

November 14, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Kayla Bohnhorst, Bun Bun and Blanky

Hello there! Please introduce yourself, tell us about your business, what you specialize in, & what makes you passionate about what you do?

Kayla Bohnhorst: Hi, my name is Kayla Bon Horst and I am the author of the new children's book, Bun Bun and Blankie. I'm very excited to introduce my book to the world mostly because I like to make a positive impact on people. And I figured creating a children's book and making a positive impact on Children at such young stages of life, developmental stages of life would be a really cool thing to kind of spark joy in a generation.

What kinds of print products do you use to engage with your customers? And why do these particular products work so well for your marketing?

Kayla Bohnhorst: The most popular print product that I use to engage with my customers is the book itself. I went with the matte front and back as well as the matte pages just because it's a lot softer to the touch and it has less sheen when they're flipping through the pages so you can see all the images very clear.

We'd love to hear your PrintingCenterUSA discovery story! How did our paths cross, and how have our printing solutions helped your business?

Kayla Bohnhorst: My path actually crossed with Printing Center USA by chance, I decided to go out on a limb and self publish my children's book, which meant that I had to source where I want it printed. So I did do my research and I narrowed it down and decided to choose printing center USA. What I really liked was that they offered a wide product range to choose from. They had on the spot quotes which allowed me to strategize my business plan and allocate where I'm putting the money towards product and where I'm putting the money towards marketing. And then the final deciding factor was that they manufacture in the US. And I'm a huge advocate of US manufacturing. So for me choosing Printing center USA was a no brainer. I'm very grateful for the product that they gave me in the end just because it allowed me to create the product that I envisioned since the beginning of planning this book. So to see that come to fruition was a really cool thing.

We focus on quality and service. What do you appreciate most about our products and services, and how have they helped elevate your brand?

Kayla Bohnhorst: What I appreciated most about the products and services that PrintingCenterUSA had to offer was the durability and softness of the material. The printing was also very vibrant, which makes for a great customer experience.

Finally, why would you recommend us to others? We'd love to hear your thoughts? What makes us your preferred choice for your printing needs?

Kayla Bohnhorst: I would highly recommend PrintingCenterUSA to others mostly because they manufacture in the US and supply jobs to people in our country. They had the on the spot quotes, which is great so that you could strategize your business plans and where you're allocating your money. And like I mentioned, they have a huge variety of options to choose from. So whatever you're looking for, whether it's your direct product or marketing purposes, they can always help.

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