John Gallagher for PrintingCenterUSA Video Testimonials

August 01, 2023

Join John from LearningHerbs.com as he shares how PrintingCenterUSA played a pivotal role in elevating his herbal education platform to new heights.

Video Transcript

Speaker: John Gallagher, LearningHerbs

Provide a brief introduction of yourself and your business, what industry you are in, and what your company does.

John Gallagher: Hi there. My name is John Gallagher and I am CO-Founder and CO-CEO of LearningHerbs.com And we teach people about herbs and home remedies in all kinds of fun ways.

Describe the specific challenge or problem that you were facing before you engaged our printing services.

John Gallagher: When I do online promotions, I often like to include a little booklet or some printed item like this little booklet here and often I don't want a huge print run of thousands of them or I don't know how many I'm going to need till after the promotion and can't wait uh for a month or so for a whole proofing and printing process. So, I'm, I'm also, it's often challenging how, how much something is going to be. So, yeah, I'm just was looking for something, uh you know, a service that could help address all of those things so I could get, so I could quickly get the amount of printed items that I would need quickly out to people.

Please describe how PrintingCenterUSA helped you solve your challenges.

John Gallagher: So with PrintingCenterUSA, I was able to go to their website and instantly get a quote. And when I knew what order I wanted later on, I just order that upload the PDF, get an Instant Proof and all of a sudden it's at the printer and I know exactly how long it's gonna take to get to me, often within a week. And lately I've been using the mailing services so I can wait till after my promotion and also upload an Excel spreadsheet of all of the addresses given the addresses PDFs already in there. Job done. And I don't even have to look back. And the next thing I know a week later the booklet that I printed is in everybody's mailboxes.

Please share the positive outcomes and results achieved as a result of our printing solution.

John Gallagher: Well, without PrintingCenterUSA I can't think of another service where I could just do this all on my own in like 10 minutes and it's just out there, you know, and it's finished and complete and, I probably wouldn't do that, this promotional type of thing where I include books, which gets me a lot of customers. I wouldn't do this at all if it didn't have PrintingCenterUSA, because I'd have to, order, you know, 1000 have them in inventory, send them all out myself. And this way it's like all and done and the prices are very, very reasonable in comparison.

What’s the biggest reason you would recommend PrintingCenterUSA?

John Gallagher: Well, besides all the other things, I've already said, the number one reason I would recommend PrintingCenterUSA is because, well, the the it's quality work, it is really, really nice and people are very happy with these items that I send them. So thank you PrintingCenterUSA.

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