Glenn Nelson for PrintingCenterUSA Video Reviews

January 03, 2024

Video Transcript

Speaker: Glenn Nelson, The Trail Posse

Hello! Please tell us about your experience working with us.

Glenn Nelson: I am a very picky bird and wildlife photographer based in Seattle. Some years ago, friends and family convinced me to produce a calendar and with my high standards, I knew the key would be finding the exact right printer. My search led me to printing center USA. And now every year I get many compliments on how beautiful my calendars are. I like to think that 100% of that are due to my own pictures. But I know a big part is played by the quality of printing and presentation brought to the table by printing center. They stand behind their work, which gives me a lot of confidence. In fact, this year, I know some artifacts and some of the photos in my calendars. I pointed it out to them. They investigated and found the root cause reprinted all my calendars and overnighted them to me. My holiday season went with without skipping a beat. That's something you can count on.

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