Dogs Outside the Ring with Margaret Foxmoore

February 07, 2024

Video Transcript

Hello! Please tell us about your experience working with us.

Good morning, Craig. This is Margaret Foxmoore in New York. Just wanted to thank you for the most amazing products that you've produced for us over the years. What do we love about your company? The fact that we get to speak to all the wonderful people who work there. The fact that when we open the books up, what we find are these spectacular products that your company has printed for us that are of the highest quality. The finish on the covers are spectacular. The interior, the books are beautiful and the best part of it is you are a part of our team and we are part of your team when we're working with you on these amazing products that we put out. These are your booklets. These are from your company and I know there's a few others that we have put out in total. We've done 24 books that are digital and I want to say we've done 12 or 13 that are printed. This book here is a book that went to the Library of Congress last week. What makes me happier than every part of this other than the fact that it's in the Library of Congress. And I love every single picture that's been taken is when I open it up and I see the names of people who have been involved with it. I'm so glad and honored that your company has helped us to produce these museum quality books. Can't thank you enough, Craig for helping us. I hope that you will do print on demand and I hope we are number one on your list to be the first book that you'll go print on demand for. Your company rocks. Thanks Craig! Have a great day.

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