Ste Lane for Video Testimonial

March 17, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Ste Lane, Peak Primal Health / Radical Health Radio

What did you enjoy most about the Primal Health Coach Certification Course?

Ste Lane: So the Primal Health Coach Certification really does an incredible job of delivering the information through an ancestral lens, but also backing it up with as much available modern science and data. And I think the marrying of those two worlds is what I enjoyed the most about the certification from the nutritional aspects to the play and stress management and movement. It's all grounded in this ancestral e appropriate idea, but also backed up with this modern understanding and emerging new concept. So I think it was incredibly well rounded. It gave me so many tools in order to be able to spread this primal message to my clients.

How did the curriculum set you up for success and what are you doing now as a Primal Health Coach?

Ste Lane: So the Primal Health Coach Certification really gave me a lot of actionable knowledge. It gave me a lot of confidence and it also gave me the structure that I needed to take that and deliver a coaching program because it doesn't just teach you nutrition information or movement information, it teaches you that and then shows you how to use that to take a person on a transformational journey. And the intricacies of being a coach, how to use certain tools like social media and what milestones you want to hit and how to curate the coaching container. So it really empowers you with everything that you need to become a coach. And since finishing the Primal Health Coach certification, I've become just that a full time coach, I coach people now still using so much of what I was taught inside of the Primal health coach. I also launched a podcast called Radical Health Radio and I do this coaching thing full time. And I'm confident in saying that I wouldn't be where I am at right now, are able to do this full time if it wasn't for the things that I learned inside of the Primal health coach and certification.

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