Marilyn - Prepare to Win Video Review

February 11, 2023

Video Transcript

What did you come to me for help with, and how did it go?

Hi, I'm Marilyn, and I'd like to talk a bit about how Sam's Rider confidence programme helped me. So in April of last year, I fell off my youngster and it wasn't her fault at all, But it really rocked my confidence. And I had issues with confidence before, actually, and it kind of brought everything back. and you know, I bought, like, loads of books about rider, confidence and control, your lizard brain and all this kind of stuff. And in the end, like I knew a lot of the theory, but for some reason, that still didn't translate into me being a confident rider So I reached out to Sam and we worked through a lot of things, things I was doing every day, like negative thought patterns, and and habits that were holding me back from being more confident and just sort of spiking my anxiety. and I saw results after one session, like literally the day after the session, or it might even have been the same day. I can't remember. I got back on and and it was great. and I had, I think, five more sessions and Sam was reaching out to me in between sessions as well to make sure that I was making progress. and I would say it was truly life changing. And I'm honestly able to say that I really enjoy my horse. Now you know, we can walk, trot, canter, we can hack out. We're starting to a bit of jumping. which for where I was before is already quite big steps. So yeah, I would really recommend Sam's programme to anyone that wants to be a more confident rider and just enjoy their horse, because that's what it's all about!

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