Client Review - Lexi

July 09, 2023

Returning to riding after an accident.

Video Transcript

Speaker: Lexi , Show Jumper

What did you come to me for help with?

Lexi : I came to see Sam after I'd gotten into a bad riding accident at a competition. I'd broken my ankle and I was laid up for months in bed. My confidence really took a hit during that time. And I had a lot of anxiety and anticipation about returning to riding. I wanted to get some tools to boost my confidence and feel like I could return to the saddle successfully.

And how has working with me helped you?

Lexi : While I was laid up from my injury, we were working on things like visualisations and breath work to help calm my nervous system. and start training my brain to know that riding was not something that was scary or traumatic. It could, in fact, be relaxing and enjoyable, as it always has been for me. And we worked on different techniques, both visualising things as simple as getting on the horse to more advanced techniques like riding in the arena where I had had my accident. And we we just worked through a lot of really practical methods. different, different tools and ideas, lifestyle changes to really get my head back in the game.

What would you say to anyone thinking of working with me?

Lexi : Initially, I wasn't sure if I should wait to do this work with Sam until I was back in the saddle. But ultimately, I'm really glad I did it while I was still working through my recovery. It put me in a great headspace for getting back in the saddle and the associated discomfort. It's not easy to return to ride after a serious injury. And so I, I felt really good about it. I was able to return to riding my own horse. I'm now jumping. I'm preparing for my first competition back, and I'm feeling not only like I have been able to move forward from the accident, but I have tools that are going to help me moving forward from here on out. So if you are thinking of working with Sam, especially if you've had an injury, you have some confidence issues, or even if you just want to hone in on your competition skills, I say, definitely give the introductory video a try and just see if she's a good fit. I had a great time and really learned a lot. It was very moving and just a wonderful experience and these are tools that I think I'm going to have for a lifetime.

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