Faye - Client Review for Prepare to Win

May 19, 2023

Rider Confidence. Equestrian. Confidence Course.

Video Transcript

Speaker: Faye

What did you come to me for help with?

Faye: I first started working with Sam to help me with my riding confidence. And whilst I've seen huge benefits with that, and I saw huge benefits straight away, I noticed that those benefits have filtered into every other area of my life, particularly work, that was hugely beneficial. And I very quickly learned skills to deal with quite stressful situations in work and also riding my horse. So immediately, straight away, I was so thankful that I started working with Sam.

And how has working with me helped you?

Faye: So, the way I think it's helped most working with Sam is that I have some tools in my toolkit to use on a daily basis several times during the day, and there's lots of exercises that she's shown me. There's lots of what I refer to now as a toolkit that I've got that's available any minute of the day that I need it. So that has been hugely beneficial. I do do my homework. I do, as I'm told as well. That's really important, I think, and I listened and I approached the process with an open mind and did exactly what Sam asked me to do. And the very first time I rode after my very first session, I achieved things that I hadn't achieved for years previously, and I was I was enjoying what I was doing as well. I remember very clearly smiling while I was cantering around, a course of fences, rather than my legs shaking with fear, nerves, anxiety, whatever you want to call it. We were jumping higher, straight away with confidence and with calm and with enjoyment

What would you say to anyone thinking of working with me?

Faye: I would literally say, What are you waiting for? I wouldn't hesitate. You deserve it. Your horse deserves the very best that you can give him or her. They deserve us to be the best version of ourselves, because that's what we ask from them on a daily basis. And I think we owe it to our teammate to show up well prepared physically, emotionally, mentally, and be the best that we can be for them. And I think purely and simply we do owe it to our horses. But we do owe it to ourselves as well. And if you have any area of your life, even if it's not horse related, but anything that's to do with work or competition, in terms of exercise, anything at all that that you need some help with, I would say don't hesitate. The bonus for me is I lost so much weight doing this! I wasn't even trying, but my stress levels went down so much, I started to sleep better. I was drinking less. I was eating more positively and honestly, just the benefits are many that I didn't even anticipate. So anyone thinking of working with Sam, I would literally say, Just go for it. Do it. Treat yourself. Treat your horse and you won't regret it. It was the best decision I've ever made. Thanks, Sam. I really appreciate it.

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