Chloe - Prepare to Win Video Review

February 11, 2023

Hear from Chloe about how I helped her to overcome her confidence issues and become a more confident competitive showjumper!

Video Transcript

Speaker: Chloe, Competitive Show Jumper

What did you come to me for help with?

Chloe: I first came to Sam when I had had a few bad rounds. Well, a few months worth of bad rounds in the showjumping ring and I hadn't been doing so well getting quite a few eliminations and poles down, AndI needed to work on my confidence, and it was the one thing that was letting me down, so I came to Sam to help me with that.

And how has working with me helped you?

Chloe: I obviously hadn't had so many good rounds over the months before I started working with Sam and I was really struggling. And then I went to my first session with Sam and I had a couple of sessions and then I went to another show and, it genuinely really helped. I learned to control my breathing before I went into the ring, which helped me relax before entering the arena, and I would never be able to do that before. I would always stress myself out. And that time I didn't stress myself out and I went and got a couple clears on both of my horses and it honestly, really helped being able to control what I was thinking and what I was feeling to be able to put all of my efforts into my show jumping round.

What would you say to anyone thinking of working with me?

Chloe: I really would recommend Sam's help in all areas of like confidence and stuff like that I had no confidence before I started with Sam and now I'm able to control my emotions and thoughts without without knocking my confidence. And I have confidence going into the ring, and it hasn't also helped me with just show jumping. It's helped me in my studies for my A levels, because now I feel like I'm able to do that instead of thinking that I can't do anything. I've learned to believe in myself and get rid of those unhelpful thoughts and turn them into helpful ones. So I really, really would recommend Sam's help.

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