Ted & Joey Lyzenga Customer Testimonial Video

March 21, 2023

Video Transcript

Speakers: Ted Lyzenga

Please State: Your name, Number of years worked with us, and What your experience working with us has been like?

Ted Lyzenga: I'm Joey. And we have really enjoyed working with Andy, but amazed us most of all is how our assets grew. Yeah. Over these years that we've been working with Andy. Oh, to me it's been very encouraging in a topic that is hard, I think for most delay people, it's things happen to money and assets that I think it takes an expert and I'm not one but Andy has given me a great deal of comfort in guiding us through different strategies. And so thank you, Andy. Thank you very much.

What made you select our firm over anyone else you could have chosen?

Ted Lyzenga: Well, that's kind of an easy one for me because I had a business partner who was a little older than me and he had been working with Andy and I did not, did not have at that time, a financial advisor at all. So he and I were just chatting and he said you really need to talk to Andy Howard. And so I said, I respect Doug a lot and I respect his opinions. And so we came and talked to Andy and it's kind of like not love at first sight, but something related to that. No, it was mutual respect on. And I'm so glad that we started then and have kept going with it. So, okay.

If you were to recommend our services to your best friend, what would you say?

Ted Lyzenga: Uh, the reason we came here was because of Ted's friend Doug. And we have recommended and these services to our friends and to our kids. I have no idea if they've taken our advice. But what would we say when you're going to a place where you trust the people to trust that they'll invest your money wisely. That's really important to me. Yeah, absolutely. If you're going to have a financial adviser, I think you need to have a financial advisor that has the same kind of values that you have. And when we talked to Andy, it was pretty clear right off the bat that we had had some, some values, life values that were very compatible with each other and, and besides being a professional, where you need professional help and he's got that for you. I would, I would guarantee it.

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