Anna Bever for Preferred Podiatry Group - Meet Our Team

June 29, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Anna Bever, Sr. Dir. Onsite Clinical Services

Anna Bever: Hi, I'm Anna Bever and I'm the head of operations for Preferred Podiatry Group. Something that we pride ourselves on at PPG is that we don't view ourselves as just an ancillary vendor at the communities that we serve. We truly consider ourselves as part of the team. After decades of working in long-term care we understand what nursing home staff is up against. Our main focus aside from patient care is to relieve some of that administrative burden by not only being reliable, but also easy to work with. We live in an ever changing world in a rapidly evolving industry. So we are always looking at better, easier and more tech enabled processes that we can implement. At the end of the day, the podiatrist coming should be the last thing the facilities have to worry about. We take our responsibility to our communities and our patients very seriously and every decision that we make has them in mind.

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