Take 10 - Shavnay Mcclain

May 08, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Shavnay McClain, 2x preeclampsia survivor

Why does knowing about your family history of preeclampsia matter?

Shavnay McClain: I was more aware just because my mother experienced preeclampsia as well as well as my cousin. So when I got pregnant I was more aware of just the things that I can expect. I was not expecting to get it, but just in case I knew what to look out for.

Why does preeclampsia research matter?

Shavnay McClain: Research matters because awareness matters! Not only with the physicians because they're the ones treating the patients. And we need to educate as many physicians and medical students and nursing that's taking care of the physicians because they need to know what to look out for, but as as well as the patients, because their advocates of theirselves,

Shavnay McClain: um and even if someone tells them they're fine, if they don't feel fine, they need to get the treatment and seek out for the treatment that they feel that they deserve.

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